Respected news site ‘A Blog to Watch’ gave the Ball Slide Chronograph a cursory look when initial press releases were available, but now Patrick Kansa has the luxury of giving this unique piece the hands on treatment.

Kansa writes:

Cutting straight to the chase here, what about that clever slider that is used to engage the chronograph? We found it easy enough to operate, and the operation itself is intuitive if you think about what the normal pushers do – the top pusher would start/stop, so you slide up. Conversely, the bottom pusher resets, so you slide down. In other words, you move the slide towards where a pusher would be located for the function you want. We were also pleased to note that the slide has a small tritium tube inserted, something that was not present in the original PR shots.

Ball Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph

Ball Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph


A Blog To Watch: Ball Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph Hands On

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